Career Plan Checklist

Career Plan Checklist


STEP ONE: Assess Yourself & Explore

  • Understand your strengths, interests, values, and personality by taking the MBTI test administered by the Career Center and determine how they can be applied to possible future career paths.

  • Utilize the resources accessible on campus. This can include the Career Center, your academic advisors, your professors, events put on by the Career Center, and even classes that can be taken on campus.

  • Reach out to BYUH alumni through Mentor Connect who are active in the fields you are interested in. Ask them questions and assess how you could do in the fields you are interested in!

  • Look at all of your possibilities. Explore a little out of your comfort zone and look at careers you may not have considered, you may find something you like better than where you are looking now.

  • Consider gap experiences or graduate school options you may want to do before you start your career.

STEP TWO: Prepare for an Internship or Job

  • Login to Handshake and explore internship, part-time and full-time job options while you are still receiving your education at BYUH.

  • Develop your resume or cover letter(s) for the specific internships or jobs you are looking at so you are able to rise above your competitors. Use the Career Center if you are needing some direction.

  • Practice your interview skills either through the connections you’ve made on Mentor Connect or with the Career Mentors in the Career Center.

  • Keep up with events like career fairs, information sessions, employer presentations and other events that you could use by checking the school bulletin consistently.

STEP THREE: Start your Job Search & Consider your possibilities

  • Explore your options for jobs and internships for after graduation.

  • Network! Network! Network! Make sure all of your family, friends, professors, etc. know your career interests and the opportunities you are seeking.

  • Continue applying to opportunities with targeted resumes and cover letters and don’t stop until you accept an offer!



We thank you for your continued relationship with the BYU-Hawaii community, we appreciate you and the many project opportunities you have provided for our students.


We have received an encouraging amount of interesting and excellent project submissions for this Fall 2017 semester. Unfortunately, we are only able to accept a few at this time. However, we encourage you to continue to submit your project submissions for our following Winter semester. All submissions should made before the end of November.


As you know there is a globalized “gig economy”, where employment consists of freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs. Employers are increasingly using internships as their primary recruiting and hiring mechanism. Hence, not only does the competition for internship positions increase, so do the necessary pre-qualifications. Our students need to be prepared to operate in this reality, and have resumes that reflect experience with as many employers as possible.


We are pleased to have you participate with us and help us connect our students with employment experience in their home area, particularly within the BYU-Hawaii Target Area, and increase their networking and career building opportunities.

Brigham Young University- Hawaii is launching a new cross-discipline, university-wide course for obtaining work experience on campus.

This type of course will be similar to the unpaid internship, and will be beneficial not only for the students of BYUH who will be gaining priceless working experience, but also for the employers who will be getting valuable workers. These workers are young, ready to learn and perform to the best of their abilities.

In addition, such a cooperation will create the great environment for the word-of-mouth marketing. And will serve as a recruiting channel to identify future potential interns/employees.


The On -Campus Experimental Learning is a convenient and time saving working experience as for students, as for employers. The model of this program  is similar to the freelance work which becomes more pervasive these days, since the employers don’t have to worry for an extra space and equipment for their employees.  


Thank you for your continued relationship with BYU-Hawaii. We appreciate the many opportunities you provide for our students and alumni. We received many excellent project submissions for the Fall 2017 semester, but were only able to accept a few.


Good news: You can now submit projects for Winter semester (starting January)! Please submit projects by 30 November at <link here>.


We are excited to have you partner with us to connect students with real-world experience in their home areas. Please let us know if you have any questions.