Build Portfolio

It’s never too early to start creating your own portfolio, a portfolio is where you collect all the best pieces of work you’ve produced and show off your skills.

It is always good to show proof of your work as anyone can fabricate what they put on paper.  There are 3 characteristics that you want to have in your portfolio: focus, best works, and diversity.


Have focus, if you are trying to adhere to a specific job - input only the work you have done that has to do with that job. For example if you are trying to go into photography, you don’t to show off your math work but rather input something you have done that has to do with photography. Only include material that is relevant to the job you’re trying to get.


Best works, include your best work and keep in mind what the company might be looking for. Don’t feel bad about hiding your weaker works - you want to show quality over quantity.


Although it is mentioned above “quality over quantity” you still want to show that you have variety in your work. Adding one or two extra different types of work won’t hurt your portfolio.


Having a good personal portfolio to back the skill descriptions on your résumé is an invaluable addition to the résumé itself and your cover letter. Depending on the type of job you apply for, you can have an advantage over your competitors by providing visual proof of your achievements.


  • Eric Nishio