Registering for your internship is a simple five-step process:

1. MAP your internship with your Academic Advisor

2. Meet with your Internship Coordinator

3. Get hired

4. Apply on Handshake

5. Get approvals on the Academic Internship Approval Form

Do these four steps after registration to make sure you are ready to go:

A. Arrange medical insurance

B. Arrange housing

C. Get travel signatures & confirm your visa status

D. Look for scholarships

Here are details for each step.
(You can also get help in the Career Center.)

1. MAP your internship with your Academic Advisor

2. Meet with your Internship Coordinator

  • Discuss internships that fit your major.
  • Create Learning Objectives: 3 things you plan to learn + 3 ways you'll measure your learning.
    • (You'll add this to your application in Step 4.)

3. Get hired

  • Find an internship by: talking with your Internship Coordinator, networking, or searching on Handshake, LinkedIn, and other job websites.
  • Get 2 documents from from your internship provider (employer):
    • a. Offer Letter with this information:
      • Your name
      • Your start and end date
      • Approximate hours you will work (weekly or total)
      • Amount of pay (or unpaid)
      • Job description
    • b. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from BYU-Hawaii
      • Send it to your internship provider (employer) to sign and return to you.

4. Apply on Handshake

  • Click on Experiences --> Report an Experience and fill out the application.
    Apply on Handshake photo -->  
  • Add your Learning Objectives (3 things you plan to learn + 3 ways you will measure your learning).

  • Attach your Offer Letter. Attach your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or bring it to the Career Center.



5. Get approvals

    • Get signatures on the Academic Internship Approval Form. You can print it or get a copy from your processing official:
      • HTM/BUSM/ACCT: Marla Lundgren, 675-4835, HGB 218
      • ICS: Dixie Johnson, 675-3302, MFB 206
      • All others: Career Center, 675-3533, CAF 180

Finally, here are details for the steps after registration:

A. Arrange medical insurance.

    • Go to the Student Medical Benefit office (Aloha Center Room 102) to confirm your medical insurance status.



B. Arrange housing.



C. Get travel signatures & confirm your visa status.


    • International students must visit International Student Services (ISS) to get travel signatures and make sure you are in the correct status, especially if you will be paid! Do this at least 4 weeks ahead of time.


D. Look for scholarships.

    • International internships: Thanks to generous donors, we have some funds to help with international internships.
    • Internships in the US: Although there are very few opportunities for funding through BYUH donations for internships in the US (usually at embassies), you can search for scholarships online, ask friends or relatives for support, or even start a GoFundMe to ask for help!